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The Giraffe…a review

Paintings have been evolving from the sophisticated realism that 16th century painters used to put in their work, all the way up to the abstract pieces made famous by Picasso in the early-mid 20th century. Since then, painters are forever tapping in to these different styles in a bid to come up with work that has a difference. Today, we review Keabetswe Molotsi‘s work, one such painting that breaks the norm to explore new ventures in to the world of painting.

The Giraffe, as the painting is amply named, depicts just that – a giraffe. Its uniqueness comes not from the animal painted on the canvas, but rather, on the multiple-color palette that this English teacher manages to lay down to give out the final product. In all honesty, much like these have been done before by different artists in portrayal of different subjects. But for a giraffe to be stylized the way Molotsi captures the animal, stands different from your standard hang-it-on-the-wall art that you find in your regular curio shop. The colors make it appealing to the eye and qualify it for any front you may want to have it in. Be it your bedroom wall, the sitting room wall and hey, it could even work on your hallway or bathroom! That is just how special The Giraffe is. Buy it and tell us if it did not work because guaranteed — it is a definite take-home.

By Tyler Majaga