Maungo craft jam recipe

For the chefs out there, here is a recipe for your delightful indulgence.

Maungo Craft’s Mince and Chicken liver spicy Indian style curry

* Maungo Craft Mara Mara Gourmet Craft Jam
* Maungo Craft Gourmet Craft Sweet Onion Chutney
* Lean mince meat
* Chicken livers
* Mixed vegetables (Carrots, Peas, Sweet Corn, Broccoli, Green beans any veggies of your choice)
* Mutton flavoured Knorrox
* Sea salt
* Olive oil
* Plain yogurt
* Tumeric
* Sage
* Thyme
* Whole Bay Leaves
* Basmati Rice

*How to prepare the Mince and
Chicken liver spicy Indian style curry
Thaw mince and chicken livers. Then place in a frying pan. Take a bowl and scoop out two full spoons of Maungo Craft Mara Mara Gourmet Craft Jam into the bowl. Add three measures of water so the ratio of jam to water
is three to one. Add 4 spoonfuls of plain yogurt to the jam water liquid mixture. Throw in a bit of Tumeric,
Sage, Thyme and few Whole Bay Leaves for seasoning. Mix well. Now add the mixture to the frying pan along with the mutton flavored Knorrox cube. Throw in some sea salt for flavor.

Turn on the stove to medium heat. Pour the mixture into to the frying pan that has the mince and chicken livers. Let it cook and stir occasionally.
Once the liquid has reduced, add Maungo Craft’s Gourmet Craft Sweet Onion Chutney, throw in your mixed vegetables, and a teaspoon or two of Olive oil. At this point increase the heat for about five minutes then take the pan off the heat. It is done and ready to serve. 🙂

*Basmati Rice
This lovely curry can be paired with Basmati rice. Follow the cooking
instructions on the packet to make the rice. Also add in some mutton flavoured stew mix, grind in a few twists of course sea salt then leave to cook.

Bon Appétit!