The Great Explorers

For the outdoor thrill seekers and the adrenaline junkies, the Explorers week is for you!

As an outdoor explorer myself, I almost gave into the notion that there aren’t enough activities in Botswana to satisfy my wild hunger for the outdoors, until someone smacked me on the head and told me I haven’t searched enough to come to such a conclusion.

So I went on a little pursuit of the adventure spots around Botswana that are not so common so I can share with my fellow adventure lovers.

The northern part of Botswana has the largest camping spots due to the obvious unlimited tourism sites, which makes it ideal for the camping, scenery and hiking seekers. Although I must warn you that the bugs will not be so accommodating, so get yourself this Citronela Mosquito Repellent while you are at it.

The long trip up north may be tiresome and a little draggy, so to keep up your motivation and excitement you definitely have to pack Tlhalefang Charles’s Botswana’s Top 50 Ultimate Experiences book. This book will keep your eyes peeled, to notice some of the historical sites along the way, so grab your copy here

We may love our outdoors but we are not complete savages, we listen to music while exploring and venturing into the unknown. I know my hikers and travelers would also appreciate a sound track to their endeavours, so I recommend you make an epic playlist and carry your headphones, then to add a little class to your escapades get an ethnic Headphone Pouch at

Bon Voyage, my Explorers!