Celebrating Botswana

Just as the innumerable melodies that can be created from a musical instrument, so are the Sounds of Botswana; yet they all have a beginning. Traditional folklore music has been sung through the ages; predominantly vocal , accompanied with string music or rhythmic clapping of hands. This is how stories are told, under the stars and seated around a large fire. Humour and lessons of life are passed down from generation to generation.

Confessions of a Three String Guitar employs master storytelling and poetic lyricism to offer commentary on light and dark themes such as love, conflict, pain, joy and hope performed both in a band format and solo. One of the most popular, and controversial, songs on the album is Robete, watch the video here. Buy your copy of the CD here.

Kgwanyape by Frost is a prime example of the fusion of popular music and traditional folklore; a fire tune to say the least. Listen to the song here.

More than just traditional; Batswana have produced music in genres such as EDM, House, R n’ B etc sounds that are universal yet unique. Dj Kuchi & Han C (Love Hates Me), ATI (Khiring Khorong), Amantle (Follo), HAN-C (Seileng), Charma Gal (Sekuta), Franco (Ke lela le lona) and Vee (I do). This shows that the growth and evolution of music in Botswana is a great accomplishment that’s worth celebrating.