Tastes of Botswana

It’s a minute to independence and most of us, if not all are excited to go celebrate with our extended families, from the uncles who you see only at the pots to the aunts who are known as food rationing geniuses.

Our celebrations always include our indigenous foods, always. We celebrate life stages with our rich motherland staple foods. At the end of the day that’s what strengthens our bond as Batswana, we are united through gatherings.

We have relatives (including ourselves) who specializes in specific special dishes…it’s a panic whenever they do not show up at a gathering, why? Cause there is always a “magical” way to prepare these dishes. Take madombi(Dumplings) for instance, not everyone can make those, some of us avoid making them at all to avoid the embarrassment of feeding people “gum” as elders would describe it.

We have drinks made from wild fruits, morula drink, mmilo drink, mogorogorwane (wild orange)drink, ginger and our traditional beers and all these have makers in our community who make them best.

Here are 5 dishes and drinks to suggest this independence;

  • White sorghum with liver and vegetables
  • Crunchy rice( Rice with Phane)
  • Morula porridge
  • Tripe(mogodu stew)
  • Seswaa with vegetables

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