The Journey To Our Thank You

What a journey this last year has been, full of so much learning, pivoting and downright improvising! I have constantly asked myself why I am doing this to myself. I could be sleeping and enjoying my life! Yes, I talk to myself A LOT these days. But then I remember why; there is a need for a commercial platform for Batswana businesses. A place where a shopper can discover local businesses and buy from them in the comfort of their homes, irrespective of where they are across the world and have their products delivered to them. Customers keep being surprised at what products are locally made and it is always a joy to convert a sceptic!

Implementation of an idea is more challenging that I thought it would be. Constantly refining the initial plan has been so much fun. We broke up and got back together with different versions of our Business Directory multiple times; but I think we are ready to ‘marry’ the version we have now… such a relationship roller-coasterJ. We now host listings on our Directory for free to all SMME businesses across the country. After hearing many asking where they can find out about and locate local businesses they don’t know, I now have an answer…the Ziigie Business Directory!

Working in a start-up is such a trip. One minute you are winning, next minute is a crisis; the exhaustion is real and you eat what you kill so the pay isn’t secure. Hiring and keeping staff in this sort of environment is something else. I have been fortunate enough to have a solid two man team (Tshepo and Clarence) that still remains, while many have come and gone.  Having people that have bought into my vision so much that they fully own it is such a blessing.