Time for a Promotion!!

A Guide to Promotions

Promotions are attractive offers that businesses offer their customers for a limited time. They get stuff sold! If you want to keep your products moving off the shelf then running promotions regularly is important.  It’s a way of getting people excited about your product and keeping their interest.

That said; you must tailor your promotion to what your objectives are and the Brand messaging you want to communicate. You don’t want to run a promotion only to get unwanted results and waste resources.

Define what you want to communicate. Identify who you are targeting, what matters to them and how to engage with them. Roll out the right promotion for that audience.

Here are a few promotion ideas you can run without breaking the bank:

  • Give discounts or have a sale. This is the most widely used method of promotion, it is especially effective to clear out old stock, generate more traffic and provide cash flow. Discounting a bundle of products can be a great way to incentivise customers to buy your entire range instead of only one product. Mid-month offers are also a great way to get in cash flow during a period when people don’t normally spend.
  • Buy One Get One. This is a type of discounted sale that offers a second free product or a discount on the second item (eg. buy one and get 25% off another).
  • Give away free gifts. These can be given when a customer makes a purchase (whether your own brand or purchases generally on Ziigie). You can use this to give out samples of new products so people try it out. Or you can give away branded promotional gifts that the customer can use in their everyday life to keep your Brand at hand and in mind!
  • Run a competition. These can generate great content, generate laughs and make you go viral! Giving away your product as a prize will keep the budget minimal yet make an impact.
  • Create engaging content. Content can be a great tool to promote your business, like I’m doing now J. Create and share videos that highlight your product/how to use it and why people need to have it or share complimentary advice that will add value to your customer (eg. if you have a skincare range then why not create a blog about how to manage common skin issues). We have a blog that is available for you to use, whether written or video.

The year is just beginning; this is great time to think about and plan your promotions for the year. We encourage you to consider promotional activity around recognised holidays when people are in the mood to spend; the timing matters just as much as the offer!