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We provide, shea butter and essential oils of a high grade and super low prices!! for your afro, dreadlocs and skin!!

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SheaKiddies (FroPros Kiddies Scented Shea Butter)

$ 11.91

Shea kiddies is an all organic Shea butter based product tailored for children as it has no added chemicals and gently scented to keep the kiddies smelling sweet while their hair flourishes.


FroPros Beard Pro Oil

$ 6.86$ 7.72

FroPros Beard Pro Oil is a blend of organic carrier oils and essential oils that work to condition and grow the beard for a clean,smooth,and groomed look. Comes in a 20ml and 25ml bottle.

by FROPros
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SheaGrowth (FroPros organic and whipped Shea butter)

$ 14.30

Shea butter from west Africa infused with Jamaican black castor oil EXTRA DARK, to grow your hair rapidly and restore your hairline. 100% natural and Botswana produced.


SheaSoft (FroPros Organic and whipped Shea butter)

$ 14.30 $ 12.87

Shea soft is a blend of organic raw unrefined shea butter from East Africa, and coconut oil. Allowing relief of an itchy scalp, and dandruff. As well as laying your afros edges.