The Ziigie Collective

Ziigie is a collection of Botswana brands that produce unique, natural, cultural and contemporary
pieces of art, accessories and cosmetics. In a country that imports approximately 80% of consumer
goods and boasts very few indigenous brands that have successfully scaled and gone mainstream;
Ziigie started off as a personal list of suppliers and has morphed into a platform we developed to
help launch local brands nationally and internationally. The time to commercialise Botswana’s
indigenous crafts, skills and nutrient-rich plantlife is nigh and Ziigie is one of the necessary drivers of
that movement!
The ultimate goal for Ziigie is to become an eco-system for Botswana start-ups to establish, scale and
foster financial freedom for local communities. is the first step towards that goal.
After launching in October 2016 we have gone through numerous iterations and pivots. We hope
you enjoy shopping on our current version of this fun-filled adventure!