MFK Signature Curry Puffs – Beef Thai BBQ

by My Farmhouse Kitchens

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It is love at first bite!

Our curry puffs, hands down, have the best tasting fillings in town.

Introduced to South East Asia by Portuguese influences, yet unlike samosas, the filling represent the fusion of flavours from India on one side and China on the other side of South East Asia. So, you can see, how it is a sheer melting pot of flavours.

For the first time, curry puffs which hail from South East Asia, now comes filled with beef right here in Botswana.  Adapted for the best beef producing country in the world, and just for beef lovers in general, each slice of the beef is coated with the unmistakable flavors from the land of the Thais and grilled to perfection. Each slice of the beef feels crispy on the outside while juicy within with salt, sweet, tangy and spice flavors come together with the pastry for that perfect golden moment.  Be prepared when your guests asks for seconds.  It is hard to stop with just one puff!

As the puffs come off the fryers, the buttery short crusty pastry begin to “leak” the aromas of the fillings that is lying in waiting within, building up the anticipation for your guests. Layers upon layers of flavours are waiting to burst around on your palette.

That makes munching on the product, oh so satisfying. Beautiful through and through.



By Best Before End Date as indicated on the package


Pinnacle Foods & Hospitality Group

Plot 1455 Mogoditshane


Produced and packaged by My Farmhouse Kitchens.

Product of Botswana


Packaging Size:

Five items: 12 cm x 14 cm

Ten items: 24 cm x 14 cm

Twenty Items: 24 cm x 28 cm

Carton Size:

28 cm x 60 cm x 16 cm

Multipacks: 10 packs x 20 items per pack

Average net weight per item: 50 g


Five items per pack or

Ten items per pack


Wheat Flour, Butter, Beef, Carrot, Peas, Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Fish Sauce, Soy Sauce, Sugar, Coriander, Cumin, Turmeric, Chili


Contains: Wheat and soybeans.


None. Freshly produced and refrigerated.


For Par Fried:

Fryer 170 deg
4 minutes

Remove from outer packaging

Place within pre-heated deep fryer for 4 minutes.

For Ready-to-Eat:

20 seconds

Remove from outer packaging

Place within microwave. Defrost for 20 seconds.


Keep product refrigerated. Store at or below -2 degrees but not below -10 degrees. The shelf life for this product before opening is 3 months. After opening, reseal the package carefully and keep them refrigerated. Consume the product within 10 to 14 days.

Keep away from direct sunlight
Keep from reach of children
Keep in a dry place.


Additional information
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 7 x 4 x 3.5 cm
Size of packaging

Ready-to-Eat 5-in-Pack, Ready-to-Eat 10-in-a-Pack, Par-Fried 5-in-Pack, Par Fried 10-in-a-Pack, Par-Fried 200-in-a-Carton

Shipping & Delivery
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My Farmhouse Kitchens


We heard you and are happy to respond to the needs of our clients.  For the first time, My Farmhouse Kitchens is proud to launch its frozen product range on its online stores.  You can now buy as many as you want, store them in your freezer and use as and when you need them.

Get our par-fried products and complete the cooking with a 4-minute deep fry or buy our ready-to-eat products, just defrost for 20 seconds on medium power in the microwave and viola, your curry puffs are ready! It is that easy/

WHAT WE STAND FOR: A production of Pinnacle Foods & Hospitality Group, we are a vibrant food production company delivering high value-added food products and services, for the region while preserving the authentic traditional home-made farm feel and taste in our food production and presentations. ​ A fully-home grown franchise enterprise bringing the world to Botswana & Africa through the love of cuisines.

THE VISION: At My Farmhouse Kitchens Fine Dining meets catering authentic International Cuisines. Hosting hi-quality boardroom meetings, hi-tea events, urban and intimate parties now made a breeze for our clients. We use the freshest of locally sourced ingredients. Our plans are manufacturing and exporting our signature products to the region and building a franchise.

OUR NEXT PROJECT IS: ​​The current focus of our production is creating the ultimate eight menu courses International and African including Setswana cuisines which we call this the "A culinary expedition around the world" series.  Just so that you, our client, may enjoy that wholesome dining experience you and your family can enjoy on special occasions together be they at home or at the company.

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