Sago, The Caterpillar Who Wanted to Fly

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Enjoy the antics of Sago, the lovely green caterpillar, and the wisdom of Buzz-Buzz, the enlightened bumble bee, who are here to delight your senses.

Let Sago’s transformation enthrall your children, and yourself too, for his story is one for everyone seeking to move forward in life at the right pace.

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Sago is a beautiful green caterpillar, with yellow spots along his back, but he dreams of flying! His heart yearns to fly with the butterflies above the flowers, but all his friends laugh at his dreams. Follow Sago’s adventures as he meets the local enlightened bumble bee, Buzz-Buzz, and learns the lessons of helpfulness and timing. After his wonderful experiences, his dreams of flying come true.

About the Author Michael Roads

The deep wisdom contained in Michael’s spiritual Enlightenment and his inner-experience of unconditional Love is the basis for his 5-Day Intensives, seminars and books, currently in thirteen languages. An extraordinarily gifted communicator, Michael imparts and conveys unconditional Love heart-to-heart, far beyond the reach of words, creating the space to awaken from a dream . . . to ignite the Love that exists within each person.

About the Illustrator Nancy Horenburg

Nancy Horenburg has been immersed in art since early childhood. From painting and crafts to martial arts, these arts have been and are an integral part of her life. Using mainly words, watercolour and clay to express her creativity, she wishes to portray and express the beauty and mystery that surrounds us everywhere we are.
The martial arts philosophy towards health, fitness, character development and body, mind, spirit harmony has inspired her in her life and has greatly influenced all areas of her life as a person and artist.

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