The Glotto Psyche Fit is a body hugging three piece fit consisting of a cropped upper torso vest with a screen printed ”Glotto” logo, a sexy high slit, back baring bodysuit and a pair of elastic cycle shorts  with a screen printed ”Glotto” logo. This fit is made out of a three way scuba stretch material and is available in black, yellow, orange, fire engine red, burgundy, military green, olive green, baby pink and three shades of nude (chocolate, tan, and light beige).

The sexy Glotto Psyche is a versatile fit that not only provides comfort and flexibility of movement but also accentuates your natural curves in the most appealing ways. The versatility is also emphasized as the upper torso vest and bodysuit can easily pair with your favorite jeans and create a whole other look, the elastic cycle shorts can also be paired with your favorite sweater and sneakers to create a Princess Diana inspired comfy look. The vibrant colors this fit is available in, paired with your favorite pair of statement heels creates a jaw dropping look that will surely last in the mind of many.


Please use the available sizing chart and measurement scale to ensure you submit your most customized measurements to guarantee the tightest, body hugging fit .  Measurements may  be estimated with sizing chart but we strongly advice using both estimation and self measuring techniques according to the glotto size guide and submitting scales in either cm/inches for best assurance.

Available pieces of the Glotto psyche fit can be sold separately.


All garments should be gently hand washed in lukewarm water to preserve the delicacy of this elastic fabric, and ironed with regulated low heat.All garments proudly made in the republic of Botswana

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Glotto is a new age Afrocentric clothing brand that  captures the spirit of the modern African child through showcasing of modern silhouettes in aesthetically pleasing designs and visual story telling. Glotto implements the earth tones of the African continent with its choices in colour schemes, and various textures of the African fauna and flora with the array of lush textures its garments and accessories are made out of. Our brand is relevant to not only the young African but rather individuals of all ages who believe  in afrofutirism expressing their pride and heritage through the garments they choose to adorn themselves with. We are a brand that prides itself in diversity and inclusion and all our clothes are not strict to a gender but are rather gender-less and unisex, our wide array of colour schemes and options provided for our garments are to cater to all types of skin tones. Glotto's garments are proudly made in the republic of Botswana, and is a female youth owned company.