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Activity toddlers play mat

$ 35.74 $ 34.31

Mandybandscrafts activity handmade playmat, is designed for toddlers in  learning and improving their motorskills.  It is also used for preparation for big school entrance assessments.

This mat includes such activities as, completing tasks that include:

  • Zippers
  • Buttons and
  • Shoe laces
Ganda lingerie, Desert Sands, Cola, Earth

Ganda Nude Lingerie Lace Set

$ 26.21

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by Ganda
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Ganda Silicone stick on bra

Ganda Nude Stick On Bra

$ 17.15

Join the nude revolution! Shop Ganda!

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SheaKiddies (FroPros Kiddies Scented Shea Butter)

$ 11.91

Shea kiddies is an all organic Shea butter based product tailored for children as it has no added chemicals and gently scented to keep the kiddies smelling sweet while their hair flourishes.


Glotto sculpted sweater

$ 19.06$ 53.37

Glotto is the best!This sculpted sweater is a unique, textured garment that tells the visual story of the African landscape with its tan colour scheme and subtle hints of forest greens.

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Wiggly Wag Bacon Treats 175g

$ 3.62

These home-made healthy  treats are a must buy made with only 5  ingredients. In addition to the delicious bacon ingredient, the treats contain vitamin C and are loaded with fiber. Treats have never tasted this good.

Lead Time: 1 day


NAGA EARTH – Botanical Body Souffle

$ 15.25 $ 7.62

Our Botanical body Souffle contains only 100% natural ingredients and is very gentle on the skin. It is suitable for adults as well as children.

We have chosen the best ORGANIC ingredients with specific properties that are emollient, anti-inflammatory and healing to the skin.